# Basics If you're a complete newbie to Mass DM, this guide will help you get started with the terms and technical knowledge needed to use *any* Mass DM tool in the market. > [!tip] Pro Tip > You may prefer to skip this guide if you already have an idea about terms such as proxies, threads and captcha solvers.  **But**, it wouldn't hurt to refresh your understanding of what they are. Mass DM'ing is a complex activity that is dynamic and keeps changing frequently. ![[basics-1.mp3]] # Terms These are words you will frequently come across in the Mass DM niche. Learning about them is essential to avoid confusion and also enabling you to take the right choices when needed. > [!info]- **Proxy, Proxy Server, Rotating, Sticky, Datacenter, Residential, Dedicated, IPV4, IPV6** > > Think of a Proxy as an IP address that you can "borrow". A proxy enables your computer to spoof the location of your device. There are multiple types of proxies. > - A rotating proxy allows you to change the spoofed IP with each request. > - A sticky proxy allows you to retain the same IP for a fixed duration say 5 minutes. > - A Datacenter IP is one which originates from a Datacenter such as Digitalocean, Vultr etc. These are generally not recommended as Discord can identify the source and know it's a proxy. > - A residential IP is one that originates from a residential ISP like Comcast. This is the recommended type, as it would be harder for Discord to blacklist a residential IP. > -  Dedicated IP is a fixed IP address that's usually leased for several days/months. This is suitable if you wish to retain the same IP for a longer period, say to avoid Discord verify login alerts. > - IPV4 and IPV6 are just different IP protocols. You need not worry about this. Just stick to IPV4 as Discord does not support IPV6. > [!info]- **RDP, VPS, VPS Server** > An RDP Server is essentially a PC you can "rent" online, and connect to it from your own PC. This way, you have an online server hosted on a Datacenter somewhere far away that you can run 24/7 with fast internet speeds at a small monthly cost. Almost all Mass DMer's have an RDP Server on which they run their Mass DM soft 24/7. > > If you'd like to purchase an RDP server at a cheap price, consider trying out [RDP.Store](https://www.rdp.store/). > [!info]- Discord token, tokens > A Discord token, also known as a Discord account, is a string of alphanumeric characters that is tied to a Discord account. Every Discord account has a corresponding token. Although we log into an account using email and passwords, programs prefer to login via a token as it's more direct and easier to login. > > If you'd like to buy some tokens, check out the [[Resources#Tokens | tokens section]]. ![[basics-2.mp3]] <meta name="google-site-verification" content="frcmaBITF5U9y8pITTSu2zWiCmKpVsBg7btHehR3Rlc" /> --- **Up Next:** [[Resources| Resources (Hover Me to Preview!)]]